Selenium, a trace mineral like iron or zinc, is an essential nutrient that our dogs’ bodies need to function normally. Rich dietary sources of selenium include organ meats, seafood, and Brazil nuts. Alternatively, selenium can be incorporated into a dog’s diet through supplements or fortified dog foods.

Despite its relative lack of spotlight compared to other nutrients, it is definitely a superstar when it comes to nutritional benefits. Notably, selenium is great at protecting the cells in our dogs’ bodies from oxidative stress[1]. Additionally, selenium is vital for thyroid metabolism, DNA synthesis, and reproductive health[2].

Maybe most interestingly though, selenium has been found to have anti-cancer properties. Dogs diagnosed with malignant tumours were found to have a lower selenium concentration in their blood than healthy dogs and dogs with other illnesses[3]. Selenium has also been found to inhibit the growth of both canine mammary and prostate cancer cells[4] [5].

Selenium found in food is classified as organic selenium, which means that it is found in a form that contains carbon, whereas inorganic selenium, which is usually what dog food is fortified with, does not. Organic selenium has been found to be a stronger inhibitor of tumour growth than inorganic selenium[6].

Collagenie’s Vital Armour supplement range contains freeze-dried bovine kidneys, serving as an excellent source of organic selenium. By incorporating Vital Armour into your dog’s daily regimen, you can ensure they reap the full spectrum of benefits offered by organic selenium.