Biologically Appropriate

Biologically Appropriate

In addition to Collagenie’s certified organic collagen peptides, our supplements feature freeze-dried bovine organ powders, including kidney, liver, and heart. These organs are processed without ever being exposed to any form of heat. This creates an end product which is nutritionally equivalent to the raw organs.

There are several compelling reasons behind our choice to incorporate these organ powders into our supplements, with three key factors standing out: bioavailability, nutritional complexity, and sustainability.


Most dog kibble available is extruded. This process uses both pressure and high heat to dry and form the kibble. This affects the more sensitive nutrients in the food, like vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. Some studies suggest that up to 65% of vitamin A might be lost in the extrusion process[1]. Similarly, protein in raw animal meals have also been found to be more bioavailable than that found in rendered meat[2].

Nutritionally Complex

Not all nutrients are created equal, and those naturally occurring in meat may differ significantly from their synthetic counterparts. As highlighted in our blog post about selenium, the distinction between inorganic and organic selenium underscores this point. Furthermore, whole foods offer a complex array of nutrients that synergistically interact with each other, sometimes improving bioavailability and enhancing the associated health benefits[3]. For this reason, we believe that it is best to use wholefoods whenever possible.


Organ meats are often overlooked and undervalued despite their exceptional nutritional profile. They constitute what is commonly referred to as the “fifth quarter” of cattle, encompassing parts beyond traditional cuts of meat. By incorporating these nutrient-rich organs into our supplements, we not only reduce waste by finding uses for undesired products but also elevate the value of cattle for Australian farmers. This sustainable approach not only benefits the environment by reducing waste but also ensures that our canine companions receive highly nutritious, natural supplements.