About Collagenie

The very best

Fuelled by genuine care, innovation and honesty, Collagenie is disrupting the industry by offering the cold, hard truth. Collagenie is making it easy for pet parents to not only choose true wellness, but to support a healthy environment whilst doing so. 

The rules are being rewritten and the bar is being raised on pet care and sustainability.  At the heart of our journey is a belief that every pet deserves the very best and the opportunity to live a long, healthy and mobile life. 

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Genius for pets

Genius Pet Products Pty Ltd is an Australian company created for the purpose of delivering the highest quality in pet health and efficacy. The trademarked brand name for our launch products is Collagenie – Genius for Pets.

Collagenie is not merely a product

It’s a disruptive force, challenging the norms of the pet industry. A truth-telling leader on a mission, this superhero stands resolute against the deceptive claims that saturate the market.

Certified Organic isn’t just a label

It’s a rallying cry, signalling a commitment to authenticity that echoes loudly in an industry fraught with ambiguity. Pet owners are weary, drowning in a sea of misinformation. Collagenie understands and acknowledges your frustration and confusion.

Empowering you

The Collagenie superhero understands the struggle of distinguishing between genuine products and empty claims. Through clear, evidence-backed communication, Collagenie empowers you to make informed decisions.

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Industry leaders, environmental and innovation

Not only are we reshaping the pet supplement industry with innovation and a dedication to optimal pet health, we’re also setting a new standard for environmental sustainability. With the weight of research and industry leadership behind us, Collagenie provides a unique, effective health solution for pet parents aiming to enhance the longevity and quality of their furry companions’ lives. As the first certified organic, 100% Australian human-grade pet supplements crafted from premium sustainable ingredients, Collagenie is fully committed to making the lives of pets and their parents as vibrant as possible while caring for our planet. Our groundbreaking approach, backed by the best in the business, not only fulfills the dreams of happy, healthy pets but also ensures a positive impact on the world we share with them.

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Longevity & Quality

Beyond the ordinary, our supplements redefine pet nutrition, recognising that good food alone isn’t enough for optimal health. Crafted with the same care as human-grade products, these supplements serve as a nutritional cornerstone, elevating your pet’s health to new heights. More than a supplement for the here and now, they stand as a proactive measure, providing essential nutrients for a preventative, anti aging approach to your pet’s wellbeing. Collagenie sets a new standard for pet health – proven benefits for pets and the planet.

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Pure Ingredients

We don’t just claim purity; we back it up with real, tangible data. Certified Organic is a big deal! No smoke, no mirrors—just a relentless pursuit of providing the purest, sustainable  supplements for your cherished companions. Synthetic fillers, nasty chemicals, preservatives and any additives are an absolute no. Not on our watch. Our commitment to unadulterated excellence is non-negotiable, etched into the very fabric of who we are. Collagenie understands that you and your furry friends deserve nothing but the best, and that’s precisely what is delivered. Collagenie keeps things uncomplicated, ensuring that every ingredient in our products are a deliberate choice in the pursuit of certified organic purity. You deserve a straightforward promise of quality, and that’s precisely what you get!

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